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Storms Footwork Fundamentals DVD

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This is an instructional B-boying DVD. In particular about some footwork styles and concepts performed on the ground. That's why we also call it downrocking. Since it's an introduction to the dance and it contains only basics, it's called "Footwork fundamentals". 

The producer Storm, started B-boying in the early 80's when TV broadcasted the facet's of Hip Hop for the first time in EU. Soon after, when the dance was plaid out and almost died out, groups and people like these continued: Aktuel Force/ France, Throwdown Breakers/ Sweden, Second to None, and Awayz rocin tuf/ England, Maurizio and Massimo/ Italy, Enemy Squad/ Hungary, Crazy Force Crew/ Switzerland, TDB, Steve and Sonny T/ Germany, and Battle Squad/ Germany and Italy with Storm and his Partners, Swift, Speedy and Emilio. 

They developed new moves and concepts out of what they once adopted from the New Yorkers. Now, a lot of these precious original concepts are getting lost, because people are often just accumulating moves, without knowing the philosophy of the style they are doing. "Bringing the dance closer", was the main motivation to produce this DVD. 

Storm is showing technique he learned from exchanging with others, as well as things he developed himself. 

This DVD is dedicated to the New Yorker Bboys that inspired him the most: 

Float (Excel), Chino, Sam / Incredible Breakers 

Icey Ice, Pex/ NYC Breakers 

Ken Swift/ Rock Steady Crew 

Kwikstep/ Fresh kids 

Special thanx to Wiggles, Klown, Mr. Freeze and Rob on bass, for spreading the truth! 

The attitude,the rythms, the dynamics, the fun, the philosophy, the fashion... whatever it was we developed, we wanted it to look Bronx. 

If it turned out to be different, it wasn't our intention. What's known as the European style today was created when Bboying went on exile over here. For a long time I wished we had somebody telling us what to do. Another reason why this footage had to be distributed. 

Storm's Footwork Fundamentals breaks down The Following BBoy Moves: 


1. Kickout 

2. Kickturn 

3. Monkeyswings 

4. Kickout-Swings 

5. Kickspin 

6. Kickout-Kickspin-Swing 

7. Backsidekickspin 

8. Kickout-Backsidekickspin 

9. Backkick 

10. Kickout-Backkick 

11. Jumpover + Jumpback 

12. Kickout-Jumpover + Jumpback 



1. Jumpover-Tap 

2. Jumpover + Jumpback 

3. Jumpover-Change Leg-Tap 

4. Octopus-Comeup 

5. Twistup 

6. Twistup-Kickspin-Back Down 

7. Swings 



1. Hook 

2. Sling 

3. Slingwalk 

4. Hookwalk 

5. Hookwalk Both Sides 

6. Slingwalk Sideways 

7. Hook-Circle-Sling-Change 

8. Peter Pan (Half) 

9. Peter Pan (Full) 



1. Basic Sixstep 

2. Sixtep With Sling 

3. Forth & Back 

4. Sixstep With Kneewalk 

5. Floorsalsa 

6. Floorsalsa-Kneewalk 



1. Atomic Sixtep 

2. Sixtep Spin 

3. Sixtep Kneewalk 

4. Sixtep-Kneespin-Slingshot 

5. Sixtep-Swipe 

6. Octopus 

7. Simple Atomic Demo 



1. Simple Pretzel 

2. Insideout Pretzel 

3. Extended Pretzel 

4. Insideout Pretzel-Walkover 

5. Pretzel-Sidewalk 

6. Pretzel-Backswipe 



1. Drop 

2. Spin Down 

3. Swing Down 

4. Cork Screw 

5. Walk In 

6. Sweep 

7. Kickspin-Low 

8. Kickspin-High 



1. No Hand Sweep 

2. Kneeswitch 

3. Kneeswitch-Slide-Tuck In 

4. Kneeturn-Slide-Tuck In 

5. Kneewalk-Turn-Kneeswitch 

6. Kneeswitch-Turn On Foot 

7. Paddle Walk 



1. Baby Freeze 

1a. Baby-Turtle Exercise 

1b. Pretzel Into Baby 

1c. Sixstep Into Baby 

1d. Backbone Into Baby 

2. Chairfreeze 

2a. Swing Into Chair 

2b. Kickout Into Chair 

2c. Hook Into Chair 

3. Rummenigge 

3a. Pretzel Into Rummenigge 

3b. Sweep Into Rummenigge 

3c. Peter Pan Into Rummenigge 



1. Handtaps 

1a. Simple Taps 

1b. Sixstep With Hands 

1c. Hiproll Handtap 

2. Belly Rolls 

2a. Bellyroll-Up-Kickout 

2b. Bellyroll0Ninjakick-Comeup 

2c. Dolphin 

2d. Hook-Circle-Dolphin 

2e. Lofty 

3. Slides 

3a. Kneeslide 

3b. Turnover-Footslide 

3c. Buttslide 

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